November 29, 1898

Clive Staples Lewis born as second son of Albert and Flora Lewis, and brother of Warren Lewis, in Belfast

January 29, 1899

Baptized in St. Mark’s Church, Dundela

April 21, 1905

Lewis family moves from Dundela Villas to Little Lea

August 23, 1908

Mother Flora dies

September 18, 1908

Enrolled at Wynyard School

September 1910

Enrolled at Campbell College

January 1911

Sent to Cherbourg Preparatory School in Malvern

September 18, 1913

Enrolled at Malvern College

September 19, 1914

Beginning private studies with William T. Kirkpatrick in Great Bookham, Surrey

December 6, 1914

Confirmed at St. Mark’s Church, Dundela

December 13, 1916

Receiving a scholarship to University College, Oxford

April 26, 1917

Arriving at Oxford to begin studies

May 1917

Joining Oxford University Officers’ Training Corps and stationed at Keble College, Oxford

November 7, 1917

Sent to France with 3rd Somerset Light Infantry

April 15, 1918

Wounded on Mount Bernenchon during the battle of Arras

May 25, 1918

Transferred to Endsleigh Palace Hospital, London

July 1918

Transferred to Ashton Court Hospital, Bristol

January 13, 1919

Demobilized and return to Oxford

June 1921

Move into the home of Janie Moore, 58 Windmill Road

August 1, 1922

Move with the family Moore to Hillsboro House, 14 Holyoake Road

May 1924

Offered one-year temporary post at University College in philosophy

May 20, 1925

Elected fellow and tutor in English of Magdalen College, Oxford

September 25, 1929

Father Albert dies

October 11, 1930

Move with the family Moore and brother Warren from Hillsboro House to the Kilns

September 28, 1931

Return to a belief in Christianity

April 1940

First weekly Thursday evening meeting of the Inklings until October 1949

August 6, 1941

Start first series BBC radio broadcasts during World War II about Christianity

January 26, 1942

First meeting of the Oxford University Socratic Club with C.S. Lewis as its first president

March 1946

Receiving an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Andrew’s University

September 1952

First meetings with Joy Gresham

June 4, 1954

Elected Professor of Medieval and Renaissance English at Cambridge University

April 23, 1956

Married with Joy Gresham at the Oxford Registry Office

March 21, 1957

Married by Rev. Peter Bide in Joy’s hospital room at Churchill Hospital, Oxford

July 13, 1960

Joy dies

June 24, 1961

Diagnosed with enlarged prostate, too dangerous to operate

June 15, 1963

Admitted to Acland nursing Home following a heart attack

November 22, 1963

C.S. Lewis dies at his home in Oxford