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Dundela Villas

Dundela Drive

November 29, 1898 C.S. Lewis was born in Dundela Villas, a pair of semi-detached houses known as Dundela on the outskirts of Belfast. In April 1905 the Lewis family moved to a larger home called ‘Little Lea’. The Villas were torn down in 1952. Now there are located some apartments named Dundela Flats.

St. Mark’s Church

221 Holywood Road

Lewis attended St. Mark’s Church in Dundela on a regular basis as a child. At St. Mark’s Lewis was baptized on January 29, 1899 and confirmed on December 6, 1914.

Little Lea

76 Circular Road

Little Lea was Lewis’s home from April 1905. After the dead of their father, Lewis and his brother Warren sold Little Lea in June 1930.

Campbell College

Belmond Road

September 1910 Lewis was sent to Campbell College, which was located about a mile from his home, ‘Little Lea’. He spent little time at Campbell as he fell ill in November 1910. January 1911 Lewis was sent to Cherbourg Preparatory School in Malvern.